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  • Sonic the Hedgehog Master System

    Sonic the Hedgehog Master System

    Thanks to the stable and sublime emulator known as Fusion, it is possible to enjoy a massive number of classic games, the enjoyment of which was once restricted to those who owned one of Sega's classic games consoles. Where better place to conjure up the nostalgic feelings.

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  • F-16 Fighting Falcon Master System

    F-16 Fighting Falcon Master System

    Flight Simulation isn't the first genre you think of when remembering the best games on the Sega Master System. The lack of the luxurious graphics capabilities we now enjoy in the modern day would surely make any decent flight simulation impossible, or so one would think.

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  • Desert Strike

    Desert Strike Master System

    Desert Strike is a Sega Master System game that you can play online for free. Sunhine, sand, sea and zealous terrorists intend to dominate the world. Oh no, it always seems to be the case when you're spendiing your weekend at Mablethorpe-upon-Sea!

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Sega Master System Emulators

  • Sega Master System Emulators

    A Rundown

    It's difficult to put a price on nostalgia, partly because it's a feeling that is highly personal to those experiencing it, unique to their  past experiences. But the main reason you can't really pop a price tag on nostalgia is that you can experience the best video-game reminiscence from your PC using free emulator software, which essentially lets you play ROMS of your favourite games from gaming's past. This is a short article that covers a majority of the available emulators for the Sega Master System, talking about their merits and possible drawbacks and ranking them in order of worth. You'll find all systems from Fusion to RetroCopy here, all ranked for your convenience.

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